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Geekburger with cheese

a fan among fen

Ruko Hanaji
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Love is your solace, your melancholy, your pain. The joy of love is given to all. - Grigori Yefimovich Novy (Rasputin)

I'd kiss my neighbors. We know less and less about our neighbors especially in big cities. I think we are afraid of them and don't want to be bothered, but that is not good. Kiss your neighbors. Better love than hate. - Yoshirou Kimura

You can call me Heather, but I've been known by other names: Laller, Ruko Hanaji, Rukochan, Nurse Ruko, Calluna Vulgaris, Ms. Fumiyumi, Rainbow Brite, Rainbow, and That Lying Cheating Fat Whore. I'm a Cranky Old Fan who has squandered her youth on video games, manga and other forms of pop culture entertainment, able to do this by working in whatever worthless retail-wage-slave position I can find at any given time. I REGRET NOTHING VERY LITTLE.

I have a penchant for fan-based pr0n of all flavors, be it yuri, yaoi or het, because as Nanny Ogg says in her cookbook, "there's not enough love in the world". Here's a fic journal and some art. Enjoy that.

Also, mohawks make me happy.


Ships I sail.

And here are my banners of gay.


Machibouke High School
amanda rekonwythe, animal crossing, animation, art nouveau, aubery beardsley, auntie mei's fetus dumplings, baiken's stump, british comedy, bubble tea, buttering up one's pooper, chiyo no chichi, chrono trigger, comics, cosplay, cute shit, dancing secret agents, darkstalkers, discordianism, dollies, dori seda, doujinshi, duck king, embroidery, emperor norton, faeries, fairy meat, fatal fury, final fantasy, firesign theatre, folklore, galileo's middle finger, glasses are sexy, guilty gear, h. p. lovecraft, hanafuda, harvest moon, hellboy, heraldry, holy shitsnacks, homicidally jealous fairies, hunting of the snark, j's pompadour, j-rpgs, j. m. barrie, jackcest, james branch cabell, joe higashi, judy tenuta, karakuri, king arthur, king missile, kinsey sicks, krazy kat, lesbian assassin secretaries, los bros hernandez, lotus shoes, manly cheerleading squads, mario's mustache, marquis de sade, mia fey's justice-filled d-cups, mohawks, musicals, mythology, neo-geo, nintendo, ogenki clinic, pansexuality, peter pan, pirates, princess athena victoria, princess debut, punk, puppy-kicking slash-writing russian princesses, rasputin's pickled dick, raven kaldera, real bout fatal fury, robert anton wilson, robot porn, rocky horror, roger bacon, roleplay, sacher-masoch, sailor moon, salome, secret societies, shadow hearts, shakespeare, sheep, snk gals' fighters, space channel 5, sphinxes, steampunk, striped socks, supernatural porn, sushi, tarot, tattoos, terry pratchett, the arthurian agenda, the book of filth, the dead milkmen, the jellyfish pirates, the man festival, tits ahoy, tow nakazaki, twire, ukiyo-e, urusei yatsura, video games, voynich manuscript, weird books, weird children's television, weird porn, what = hawt, zero punctuation, です, やらないか, フジ子・ノリス, 萌え